Bicycle Drifting


Bicycle Drifting

"Drifting is the only way he drives the bike......."

The Bike Drift Boy, New Age,  is a boy named Enzo Chen who's two wheeled method is distilled down to this .... Drift the crap out of your tyres until they explode!

Enzo's mates reckon that he watched too much Initial D, also thinking of himself as the lead character in Initial D, Takumi Fukiwara. Initial D begins as a Japanese Manga (comic/cartoon), by Suichi Shigeno set in Gunma Prefecture. Then encapsulated in a long running Anime. Eventually being released in arcade and video games. A live action movie was released in Asia in 2005.

Initial D is the focus of illegal street racing with major emphasis on drifting. The actual locations used for the series are centered in the mountains of the Kanto region, in the Japanese prefecture of Gunma.

In the series Takumi learns to drive a Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX five years before he had a license. Mt Akina is the setting for Takumi to hone his driving skills, delivering tofu every morning to the summit in all weather. Further enhancing his drifting skills.

Here's what Enzo's mates wrote: "This is a story about love and drift. A Boy Called Enzo Chen has a genius for bicycle drifting. Above said is not true, the true is he watch too much Initial D, and he thought himself is Takumi, so he did such a stupid thing."

Not such a stupid thing really. Thanks Enzo the genius, please show us more bicycle drifting.

Enzo shreds some tyres, creates unique black squiggly footpath art with his rear tyre while his mates give the thumbs up for a good day out drifting old bikes.

Want to learn the correct technique for drifting a bicycle, here's a step by step reference How To Drift A Bicycle Bike drifting advice begins with : Tighten your rear brake so it can easily lock up the rear wheel. Slick tires are the most fun and easiest to drift with.