Cycling Wolf Packs Wolfpack Hustle

"It is a very primal yet highly intellectual battle between you and other humans....tearing through the streets at night it's completely illegal."

Urban underground bicycle racing.... Wolfpack Hustle

Cycling Wolf Packs have emerged in Los Angeles, St Louis and San Francisco - more are on their way. Each year the cycling Wolfpack descends on TANGS DONUTS for a slow roll out onto the LA Marathon race course. In 2010 there were 400, by 2012 the Wolfpack had increased to 2000. Racing -"From Burbank to Long Beach they have the bikes they've got the tattoos they are going to win."

Wolfpack course crashers have one opportunity only for a 4.00 am start before the marathon kicks off at 7.00am. Lynn Kennedy fixed wheel winner 2011 said "Basically it's called the crash race because they crash the race course for LA Marathon which starts at 7 am so we have to group up and race at 4 am before the runners."

The race organiser - Roadblock said "When they talk about LA it's how big and how spread out it is and it's not cycling friendly because of that..we decided to take that and make it our advantage."

John The Roadie won in 2011 in a time of 1 hr 23 seconds, "It is a very primal yet highly intellectual battle between you and other humans. ...tearing through the streets at night it's completely illegal, it's completely dangerous there is no real logic to it …...Wolfpack hustle is essentially the top of the food chain when it comes to underground racing, to be totally honest I value the dog tags I've won with as much enthusiasm as the state championship titles that I've won in state championship cycling."

THE IDEA IT'S SIMPLE "Wolfpack Hustle is dedicated to fixed gear, track and road bike culture in Los Angeles, a city currently dominated by the lowly automobile. No we aren’t Olympians or roided-out weekend warrior types… not even close. We are simply here to ride stronger, faster and to assert our rights to these gritty streets." Wolfpackhustle

Four winners are awarded Wolfpack dog tags at the finish line, no ceremony just howling. The signal that all's finished, final, said and done is instantaneous acknowledgement of Dead F*ckin’ Last .. and it happens like this = race rule

#4. The race is OVER once the dog tags have been awarded.
 At the moment that the last dog tag is awarded, we will all look over to the finish line and see who is last to cross.

DOG TAGS are awarded to 1st Mens - womens fixed - 1st Mens - womens geared. "There's a lot of street cred to go around if you get a dog tag does Lance Armstrong have one "NO".

There are plenty of crashes at the Wolfpack crash, in the dark, lights on your bike are no help - an illegal hard and fast one hour adrenaline rush through the streets of LA.

March 18 2012 there was a false start and plenty of drama. In 2011 Warren Kommers made RACING THE END .