Cycling Promotion Fund Canberra Transport Photo

A world famous transport photo was re-created in Canberra in September. Spokesperson for the Cycling Promotion Fund (CPF) Stephen Hodge said that “The image succinctly illustrates the greater space efficiency of bus and bicycle travel. In the space it takes to accommodate 60 cars, cities can accommodate around sixteen buses or more than 600 bikes.” CPF coordinated the photo shoot with the help of 69 volunteers, 69 bicycles, 60 cars and one bus.The original photograph was shot more than twenty years ago. The aim of the re-shoot was to re-affirm the advantage that bicycles and buses provide in relieving the burden on congested city roads.

“Eight out of ten Australian adults still use a private motor vehicle to travel to work or full-time study, just 14% take public transport, 4% walk and a mere 2% cycle, with 30% of these trips in the cities under 3km” Mr Hodge said.

“If Australians continue on this path it is estimated that productivity loss due to avoidable congestion—the economic loss due to the amount of time wasted in traffic—will be $20 billion by 2020.”

The Australian photographic initiative was funded by the Cycling Promotion Fund, the ACT Government and online donations from Australians via the Go! Alliance website, also receiving in-kind support from Pedal Power ACT. The project used 69 people, as this is the capacity of a standard Canberra bus, and 60 cars, as this is the number occupied on average by 69 people.

“There’s been great interest from cities across Australia and we’re hoping that by making the image freely available this interest translates into wide dissemination,” Mr Hodge said.

“As Australia’s population swells and our cities experience ever increasing congestion we need to get smarter about how we use existing road space — including investing more in alternatives such as public transport and cycling — if we are to move people more efficiently and effectively.”


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Share the video - Australian Documentaries has kindly put together a short video for us of the making of the Canberra Transport Photo, see Cycling Promotion Fund VIDEO by Australian Documentaries

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