The Shit Cyclists Say - Hardcastle Photography

In just two days Krughoff wrote the script ... completed shooting ... edited and released  - "Shit Cyclists Say"

Ryan van Duzer and Spencer Powlison star in the road cyclist's version of "Shit Cyclists Say". A spin off of the "Shit They Say" sensation, with "shit they say" videos now on just about anything.

Allen Krughoff of Hardcastle Photography teamed up with the crew at Bikes Belong, with the objective of promoting the Bikes Belong campaign People for Bikes. People for Bikes is aimed at "uniting a million voices to improve the future of biking." The "Shit Cyclists Say" video was an overnight success, literally.

Krughoff notes the idiosyncrasies of cyclists, apparently one of the most common comments made about the video is that van Duzer doesn't wear his sun glasses over the outside of his helmet straps.

Shit Cyclists Say is Krughoff's first attempt at using a full video HD camera. Shot on the streets of Boulder and attwo locations, North Boulder Cycle Sport and North Boulder Amante. Krughoff was the mastermind behind the entire project, he’d wanted to make the video for a while so approached Bikes Belong while collaborating on another project and struck up a deal. On a Thursday afternoon he was given the go ahead. In just two days Krughoff wrote the script contacted van Duzer, and completed shooting by Friday afternoon. Shit Cyclists Say was edited, approved and released by Sunday January 22nd 2012. After that it just went viral. Not bad for a small one man photographic outfit working by the seat of his pants! Thanks to Allen Krughoff for this hilarious take on Shit People Say.