The Crank On Hydration For Cycling

The Crank talks water.

Recently I’ve heard some of the new vets from our club discussing nutrition as if it mattered. You soft buggers worry about how much water you drink. 

Well I’m here to tell you ..........WATER MAKES YOU SOFT.

In my day you’d do one hundred miles on one bottle and still have enough to wash your face at the end of the ride so you could be sweet for the missus.

Here’s the plan. 

Wake up 5 am. Fill bottle. Put a weetbix and peanut butter sandwich in your back pocket. Go meet the boys. Start the ride. 30 miles in, eat weetbix and peanut butter. 50 miles in, stop at pub.

Later that afternoon start home. 80 miles in, one bex and coke. Hammer home.

Now that’s a Sunday ride that made you HARD. Before you know it you’re riding races without anything more than a mouthful of water (saves on weight).

Remember all distances are MILES not “K”s.

Image Credit : Tour de France image Gallica


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