The Crank Talks Cycling Clubs

Some people just don’t understand all the hard work that goes into a bike club.

First of all you need to spend at least a decade building a support base/pressure group.

Stage one is being a helper and buddying up to whoever is in charge. While doing this you offer quiet remarks behind the scenes at races like “Well that’s one way to do it” or “Look he’s doing the best you could expect….you know …considering” (maybe add drinking gesture here).

Next you have to brush up on meeting procedure. Thwart people on points of order and quorums and they eventually go away. Always interrupt. Rarely sit down at meetings.

At about eight years in you have driven off all the “undesirables”. Take the throne.

Sometimes it’s good to install a puppet who joined the club last year. Manipulate from behind the scenes. When people try to get in the way with “points of order” and such say stuff like“Come on, don’t mess around, we’re all here for the club”.

I love cycling.

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Image Credit : Chris Pratt


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