UCI MTB World Championships 2011 Champéry Switzerland Danny Hart

It's like riding down a wall made of glass..... A double whammy Danny Hart smashes the nearest competitor by 11.699 seconds while Rob Warner and Nigel Page go berserk in the commentary booth.

Back track a couple of days to Rob Warner's own run down the mountain with a helmet cam. This is is comical as Warner winds his way down the mountain with some gems like "holy shit dog …. this is so gnarly" and this ripper "It's like riding down a wall made of glass."  (WARNING he swears a lot) Warner's back brake is on and locked up most of the way down, that's in the dry, he also crashes, not impressed with crashing he continues on down what he reckons is the steepest downhill course on the planet. Put all this in perspective and move forward to race day. The course is wet and at times foggy.

Race day, Warner and Page can't contain themselves the atmosphere is electric, screaming into the mic “That was the most insane bike riding I’ve ever seen in my life! How does Danny Hart sit down with balls that big."

Watch all three videos to fully appreciate the magnitude of Hart's run in extreme conditions on a brutal course with a field of fearless competitors.

Title Image by Robert Cobcroft