Modolo brakes equipment guide

Modolo Brakes Quick ID Guide Factory Price Guides and 1984 Catalogue

Modolo Brakes Quick Reference Guide A quick reference guide to most of the Modolo models up to the mid 1980's. This page includes a mid 1980's Modolo factory catalogue and price guides for trade rates from the factory. For more detailed information see the story on Ben Smith's Modolo brake collection, a brief history of the Modolo company and their milestones in brake equipment manufacture. Modolo Professional Modolo Master Pro Modolo Kronos Modolo Orion Modolo Super Prestige Modolo Equipe first of the Budget lineup Modolo Race Modolo Team Modolo Speedy also known as Seedy Stratos, many variations Modolo Speedy Piet Mondrian and Max special Speedy editions Modolo Flash Normal finish or Stratos Silver Modolo Sporting and Sporting America Modolo Corsa Modolo Cross Later brakes not highlighted here include Modolo MACH 1, 2 and 3, ALX 90, X Setra, Master SLK 30 and 90 “Super Titanium” and in 1992 Sachs New Success. For more detailed information see Ben Smith's Modolo brake collection. Again a big thanks to Ben Smith for sharing all his goodies with us, without Ben's help this information would not be available. Other related POST : … [Read More...]

Modolo Bicycle Brakes

Ben Smith’s Modolo Bicycle Brake Collection

When specialist bicycle components manufacturer Modolo threw their hat into the fiery furnace of professional race components manufacturing during the late 1970's, their "Professional" model race brake was an instant success. The appearance of the Modolo "Professional" race brake at the Paris and Milan shows of 1977 first cemented Modolo's new reputation. In 1984 the same brake was still being … [Read More...]

Track racing at Glen Innes velodrome

Australia’s Vanishing Velodrome’s

Track racing once dominated Australian sport and was still going strong up to the last quarter of the twentieth century. Today we're presented with a watered down version where Australia's elite track riders still perform well, but the vibrant track scene where all day track carnivals, which ran late into the night, attended by hundreds or thousands have become a thing of the past. The demise of … [Read More...]

International Roast Coffee and Bike Tools

Bicycle Cafe

15 years ago the writing was on the wall. The roads were going to fill up and those idiots at cafes were not a passing phase. “A double shot soy machiatto please” Yes, suddenly a Bex and coke was not good enough. Off to the bakery or café, they say, no raw cauliflowers from an early morning field for me!!. It made me sick but I was between jobs. (Times had changed…. no one saw the funny side … [Read More...]

Freddy Maertens racing against Fakir du Vivier in a Bike Vs Horse duel at Amiens in July 1977, he should have been at the Tour de France, instead his arm is in plaster after breaking wrist in a fall at the Giro d' Italia.

Cyclist versus Horse Duel

RACING BIKES AGAINST ANIMALS What drives man's desire to race against fast running animals. While some runners prefer to race the cheetah, others find a true test of their mettle racing lions. Bull runners flock to Pamploma to race with a chance of being gored by bulls. In colder climates reindeer become the target of man's enthusiasm for a quick adrenaline rush, pitted against or sometimes … [Read More...]

Equipe Exploit Goomah Bike

Pimp My Bike Assos Style

You're on a sinking ship with your wife and your favourite bike. You've got one chance to save either your wife or your bike, which do you choose? The Assos official bike is produced by  Goomah, the word Goomah means mistress, as popularised in the American TV series The Sopranos. I wanted to get a sense of the usage of Goomah on the street, I delved a bit deeper and found this vivid … [Read More...]

The giants of road cycling's recent past - Eddy Merckx, Bernard Hinault, Greg LeMond and Sergei Soukhoruchenkov

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the greatest of them all? People often compare great athletes from different eras; what if Bernard Hinault raced against Eddy Merckx? How would that go? Or how would Wayne Gretzky compare to Valeri Kharlamov if both played in the NHL? Or how about Bobby Fisher v Garry Kasparov? (by the way, here’s a good piece by Kasparov about “How the king of chess lost his … [Read More...]