The Bianchi X4 fork crown underwent a dramatic transformation. The previous, beautiful vivid dark blue paint colour was let down by sub standard workmanship.

When The New Dog Digs Up The Old Dog Part 5

The Bianchi X4 Diaries Part FIVE Now we’re up to Part Five of the Bianchi X4 diaries, back in Part One I promised only three editions. It soon became evident that there was more to digging up this old dog than we ever imagined. I'd even thought at one time of painting the X4 frame to represent a version of an Argentin Bianchi X4. If only I knew what I’d got myself into, but then again it … [Read More...]

Stef's Bianchi Argentin X4, showing the two major differences to other Bianchi X4 bikes. The external fork crown with engraving that you'd expect to find on an internal Bianchi X4 fork crown. Different top eyes, no engraved and gold painted cursive Bianchi script.

Specialissima Bianchi X-4 Argentin

Stef dropped me a line and some pictures of his Bianchi Argentin X4, with a question …. “hello,i’m from belgium and this is a great input to read !, i was longtime searching for a bianchi argentin, I finally find one but i dont know if it is the real thing,can you help me ? because some parts are not pantographed in the same way on the frame ,if you can help me,how can i send you pics ? many … [Read More...]

ICS research led to the re-design of many bicycle related products, especially improvements to Campagnolo components.

Ital Cicli Systems – ICS Custom Bike Perfection

Artemio Granzotto's Ital Cicli Systems, Italian built and Zurich finished frames equipped with re-worked Campagnolo and Cinelli components are now rare and highly collectible. Just as rare, is information about ICS bikes and finding items like Ital Cicli Systems Catalogues, near impossible. When Joe Cosgrove visited the Milan Bicycle Show in late 1985, he stuffed his suitcase full of Catalogues … [Read More...]

Get lost in Switzerland at the Navad 1000

Navad 1000 2015

Maulwurf’s ticket to travel has always been his bicycle, even his mode of transport to out of the way destinations, always incorporated plans to maximise the potential for adventure. Imagine this, you live in Switzerland and want to go and race or ride bicycles in Australia. Most bike riders would just fly from Zurich to Sydney, not Maulwurf. On a couple of occasions in the 1980’s Maulwurf set off … [Read More...]

Crow attack on bike rider.

This Crow Attacks Cyclists

Most bike riders in Australia are used to magpie attacks, less frequent are butcher bird attacks, then there are plovers. It's not widely known that crows will attack cyclists. Cycling through a local park about three weeks ago and completely oblivious to the potential for a crow attack, I was caught unaware when out of the blue I could hear overhead, the sound of a larger bird than I'd ever heard … [Read More...]

Murray kept his 1986 Adidas cycling shoes all these years. Photo credit - Matt Leasegang

Matt’s Milo Bike Obsession

On the 29th of December 2012, Matt Leasegang spotted a maroon and white funny bike for sale, it's mutilated Reynolds 753 rear triangle bearing the malicious imprint of desperate measures. This frame was a workhorse, a prototype and at one moment in it's history the experiment had backfired. The seller, Stuart Phelps wrote "Just throwing the feelers out there for anyone interested in a low pro … [Read More...]

saturday bicycle bunch ride

Get Outa Brisbane The Saturday Bike Ride

Get Outa Brisbane The Saturday Bunch Ride Before coffee culture and bikes morphed into an espresso coloured kaleidoscope on every corner,  you went on a bunch ride then went straight home, no coffee stop. Talk about rapid change, you only have to go back a few years to find there weren’t many choices for Saturday bunch rides in Brisbane. On Saturday’s before the turn of the century, you … [Read More...]

Celeste Bianchi colour variants.

When The New Dog Digs Up The Old Dog Part 4

THE BIANCHI X4 DIARIES Bianchi Celeste Paint - How to colour match your vintage celeste Bianchi Speculation surrounding Bianchi celeste paint, leaves no clue of substance to the true origins of this popular Italian colour. A dreamy Milan sky, some cast off old war paint, or perhaps a colour match for the eye's of a fictitious Italian royal. If you're determined to re-paint your vintage … [Read More...]

We wanted to achieeve a perfect result, even though the Bianchi X4 fork crown looks nice and shiny, we took it further.

When The New Dog Digs Up The Old Dog PART 3

The Bianchi X4 Diaries  Triple Chrome Plating - How to restore the chrome plating on your vintage bicycle. What this post covers. Notes on how to prepare a bicycle frame that has previously been chrome plated or any other type of plating, i:e copper, to be re-plated. When the job requires removal of all the original plating, before the job can begin. This assumes that the original plating is … [Read More...]

Carrera Professional Cycling Team

How Carrera Professional Cycling Team, nicknamed “The Kids” became Transformers of Old School Rules

Frank Boifava and Carrera Professional Cycling Team Frank Boifava’s life was destined to revolve around bicycles. One of the three owners of the Carrera bicycle brand, Frank now resides in Brisbane Australia. In the mid 1980’s when the world of professional cycling was undergoing radical transformation, Frank played his part in witnessing and enacting some of the most profound changes in the … [Read More...]

A dandy horse rider.

The Battle of the Dandy Horse Grandfathers

In the last decade of the nineteenth century, two elderly Australian gentlemen fought a public battle that rumbled on in the press for nearly fifty years, to determine who was the "Dandy Horse Grandfather" of Australian cycling. The first person to ever ride a bicycle on Australian soil? To prove their point, Australia's bicycle riding grandfathers chose the dandy horse, both believing that this … [Read More...]