ICS – Ital Cicli Systems – Exclusive Bike – Gold Plated Campagnolo C Record

Campagnolo Corsa Record components were obviously manufactured for racing use only. That was until Artemio Granzotto who founded Ital Cicli Systems in Zurich Switzerland, had other ideas for the use of Campagnolo race components. Flying in the face of components made exclusively for racing, Ital Cicil Systems re-designed and re-finished classic Cinelli and Campagnolo equipment. Gold and chrome plating or embedding Swarovski crystals into chain rings was part of the Ital Cicli Systems arsenal of turning their jewel like bicycles into clockwork-precision machinery. Founded in a country renowned for exactness, Ital Cicli Systems turned practical racing equipment into collectable masterpieces that would forever make bicycle collectors go all weak at the knees, at the sight of one of these Swiss made bikes. These "Carriage Market" "ICS" bicycles were collected, looked at, hung on walls, placed in glass cabinets and are forever talked about. Campagnolo equipped ICS bicycles are rarely ridden and potentially riding one means immediately devaluing it's New Old Stock condition. That's if an ICS bike of this type could be ridden at all. In the mid 1980's 18mm to 20mm tyres were all the … [Read More...]

Matt Leasegang's Milo bike that Murray Donald had raced on in 1986, Matt restored the bike and Murray was there to see it for the first time since 1986.

Pushies Galore 2014

At the Greenslopes Bowls Club last Sunday, Pushies Galore covered every square inch of the bowling green. Spilling out from the edge of the green and into the car park was the bicycle swap meet. Anything and everything was on offer, I found a pair of mint Campagnolo C Record pedals for my Bianchi X4 build and an as new retro 80's wool jersey, one swapped for cash and the jersey traded for old … [Read More...]

Columbus air tubing on a Cinelli Laser

The night bicycle collector Greg Softley came to Brisbane

In recent years collecting old bicycles has caught on more than ever. Events like L'Eroica and many copycat versions have fuelled the desire for steel vintage bicycles. Combine this with the popularity that cycling has recently gained, bike riders are now seeking out rare steel bikes to squeeze or sneak into their growing collections. Amongst us though are the rare few, the veteran collectors … [Read More...]

Velodrome International Brisbane

Brisbane International Velodrome Board Track

Board track racing in Australia first sprung into existence at Canterbury - Sydney during December 1928. Nine months later Brisbane Velodromes, Ltd opened Australia's second ever board track, popularly known as "The Drome" at Alexandra Park in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley. Now in 2014 a local architectural firm has won the contract to build Brisbane's second board track, this time round for the … [Read More...]

Joe Cosgrove and Mark Brink with Arthur Dows and Arthur's FB holden at Bald Hill Flats, February 1972 after trails for state selection for  Olympic trials.

Arthur Dows Brisbane Cycling Icon

Arthur Dows, old school lessons on a fixed wheel. Every cycling community has tucked away, in it's collective memory, overblown stories of iconic characters who've made their own peculiar and indelible impression. Tailor made for the Brisbane cycling scene and forever imbued with the living spirit of  1930's Australian bicycle racing was Arthur Dows. Arthur was well known as a "trainer and … [Read More...]

Darrell McCulloch proud creator of Llewellyn Custom Bicycles

Darrell McCulloch from Llewellyn Custom Bicycles spills the beans on how he got started building custom bikes

Out the back of bespoke bike frame builder Darrell McCulloch's suburban Brisbane workshop, roams the most contented Eastern Water Dragon you'll ever find. Animals feature prominently in and around the Llewellyn Custom Bicycles workshop, one of Darrell's popular lug sets is named after a local bird, the Manorina. The sound of the Manorina, more commonly known as the Bellbird is one of Darrell's … [Read More...]