The Crank On Training for Club Bicycle Racing and Marriage

“So that's what a soft bastard looks like”. The Crank talks training for club bicycle racing .....

Ah winter, westerly winds, runny noses and sore legs. Can’t get enough miles in because you’re too busy? ...go into your bathroom, look in the mirror and shout “SO THAT'S WHAT A SOFT BASTARD LOOKS LIKE”.

I hope I have your attention. Here’s what I used to do.

Wake up at 5 am. I’d usually gone to bed in my bike clothes so I’d be ready right away. Put roast beef sandwich for lunch in back pocket.

Get out and hammer for 40 miles...MILES.

Get to work with 5 minutes to spare and put clothes on over the top of your bike clothes. Work. Eat sandwich.

5pm-leave work, do another 30 MILES. Get home after dark and eat chops in front of the telly.

It was hard but it made me HARD.

I don’t know how I kept it up year in year out, the only one who might know was the missus but she buggered off a while ago ..........

Image Credit : Crank On Training for Club Bicycle Racing, main image of riders in Melbourne out training in 1970 by Le Dawn Studios, State Library of Victoria. Copyright Le Dawn Studios.


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The only one who might know was the missus, but she buggered off a while ago