BOY a film featuring the London Olympic Velodrome

BOY a film featuring "The Pringle" London's Velopark Cycling Velodrome

London Velopark comprises a new cycling velodrome and BMX park. The velodrome has become known as "The Pringle" because of it's distinctive shape and was first used in competition for the UCI Track Cycling World Cup Classics in February 2012. Yet first to test out the track was actor Timothy Spall, starring in a film titled "Boy", written by Prasanna Puwanarajah.

This creative view of the London Velopark velodrome takes us on a journey about cycling, featuring the new venue from a very different perspective.

Actor Richard E. Grant was on the panel of judges for the BA Great Britons programme and also mentored Puwanarajah on the film project. Puwanarajah was chosen for the project for his original and moving script. Grant said "Prasanna is a gifted writer who has combined his passion for sport and drama in this moving and celebratory script......It's a story everyone can relate to, taking you on a miniature journey with it."

The London Velopark velodrome is located in Leyton east London. Construction began in 2009 and was overseen by Hopkins Architects, Expedition Engineering, BDSP, and Grant Associates. Designed by Ron Webb the 250-metre track was made with 56 km of Siberian Pine and 350,000 nails. Webb also designed the Sydney and Athens velodromes. Estimated cost is £105 million. When the track was completed in February 2011 it was intended to be a permanent sports venue.

The value of velodromes in the bygone era of American six day racing of the 1920's and 30's was different, then tracks were erected in record time. In just a few days crack teams of carpenters would build velodromes in regional centres, intended for one time use only. A race meeting would be held then the next day the track would be cut up and sold for firewood. 


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